imagiCharm bestie pack
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imagiCharm bestie pack

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Double the fun! You will get the imagiCharm for you and your best friend.

The imagiCharm has 64 LED lights that can be programmed to light up in any color. Girls can wear imagiCharm on their backpacks, tote bags, purses or jackets. They can hang it on their keys, wear as a necklace, headband, and even earrings. It's an all-in-one accessory that’s different every day. 

The imagiCharm comes with: 

  • stringand bead
  • USB charging cable


iOS devices must have OS version 13.0 or higher. In other words, you must have one of the following compatible devices:
    iPhone 6s+
    iPad Pro+
    iPad Air+
    iPad 5th generation+
    iPad mini 2+You can find a full list of compatible iPhone and iPad devices here and read more about how to identify your iPhone or iPad model.

For Android devices only an application with limited functionality is available at the moment. Please contact our team if you have any questions: 

The standard imagiCharm bestie pack comes with introductory coding examples in the app however, it does not include step-by-step guided tutorials. For more learning, check out our Premium bestie pack package.

The imagiCharm is shipped from Sweden. For the EU and the US, VAT and sales tax are included in the rewards. EU customers will not be charged any import taxes. For all other countries, taxes and duties may apply.