We prepare girls for the future of work and creativity

imagiLabs is building an app, a community and gadgets for teenage girls to learn to code. We know that technology is the future and we want girls and boys to be equally involved with technology & hence shaping the future.

Bringing girls into tech is not only the right thing to do, it is critical for any business to be successful in the future.

Diverse teams
perform better

The study “Diversity Matters” by McKinsey found that diverse companies perform better. This is true over a few different objective criteria. When contrasting financial performance, the most gender-diverse companies perform 15% better on average.

Bringing women into tech can solve today’s skill gap

Just in Sweden there is a lack of 30,000 developers today and this number is expected to grow to 70,000 by 2020. By tapping into the currently left out talent this gap can be filled.

Diverse teams build better products & services

Diverse teams strengthen your company’s ability to serve its customers better. In order to cater for a diverse population you need a diversity of perspectives.

We offer ready-to-use packages to introduce girls to programming in a fun and relevant way

🎤 Invite imagiLabs to your events

The founders of imagiLabs live and breathe our mission. Dora, Beatrice and Paula all come from technical backgrounds and are passionate about diversity in tech & entrepreneurship and using technology as a tool to drive positive change.

Invite the imagiLabs founders to speak at your organisation.

Email: speaker@imagilabs.com