Meet our imagiChampions

Advocates who embody our mission and are experts in their respective fields.

CEO/Co-Founder at Kwara, Innovation Expert

Cynthia Wandia

“Even though there is an increased focus to hire more women into tech roles, I believe that there is an even greater opportunity to start earlier and attract girls into tech from day one. imagiLabs does this in a fun, delightful, and tactile way.”

Hackathon Director and Swift Student Challenge Winner

Damilola Awofisayo

“When you equip and empower girls with tech, you also see a shift in the problems that are being addressed, and a novelty and innovation of solutions making it beneficial for not only them, but the world at large.”

Head of Ericsson ONE EMEA, Startup Advisor

Mala Valroy

“It is absolutely essential that we invite new voices to the table and give them a seat at the table… imagiLabs is not actually retrofitting diversity or inclusion into the future someone else is building, but rather inclusivity is part of the design. I couldn’t think of anything better, honestly.”

Author, Activist, Inclusion and Belonging Consultant, Lecturer

Lovette Jallow

“Coding is very important in my work to engage women/youth, and especially women with autism. I never had the privilege of learning coding, and I consider it pivotal in the current climate to open doors for more diversity in the tech field.”

Co-Founder and Director of Escola Americana de Vitoria (Brazil) and Education Consultant

Andrea Buffara

“I believe imagilabs is on a quest to close the gender gap in technology, and I do sense an emotional core -- and that emotion will sustain the entrepreneurial mindset that created it. As a progressive educator, I want students to be equipped with skills and dispositions that will enable them to be successful in today’s world and prepare them for jobs that might not yet exist.”

Founder of Time to Raise, ex-Microsoft for Startups, tech leader

Peggy Poon

"The imagiLabs team seems super passionate about the change they are bringing to the society. I started coding (simple html and javascript) when I was 8 years old. I love tech. And there is no reason for girls to not love tech."