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imagi Edu for classrooms

Build STEAM confidence with standards-aligned curriculum and ready-made lessons using our coding platform designed for teachers of grades 3-9.

Educators love imagi Edu

“I am really appreciative of the pre-made lessons that imagi provides and how easy it is for any teacher, regardless of their coding experience, to begin teaching Python.”

Chelsea Clagg

Instructional Tech Coach

Public School • VA, USA

“The physicality of imagi, offering each student a tangible object to program and call their own, has been a game-changer for my 8th grade English students during our coding unit.”

Danielle Hall

8th Grade English Teacher

Public School • NY, USA

“Being able to learn real Python coding with imagi gives my students instant visual feedback that enhances their excitement, understanding, and perseverance in CS.”

Sarah Fortino

Engineering & Technology

Private School • MA, USA

“You have something special - a rigorous and engaging curriculum where students are passionate about creating projects with code and sharing those projects.”

Kelly Powers

CS Teacher

Private School • NY, USA

"The imagiCharms are just phenomenal. The girls are LOVING it. Coding is new to all of us, but the imagi app makes it easier to guide the students and have them follow along."

Wendie Turner

Media Tech Specialist

Public School • TX, USA

"It's awesome to see how excited students are when using Charms, and then to see them teaching others how to code. The point of all of this really is to empower students."

Artur Coelho

ICT Teacher

Public School • Portugal

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Bring code to life with imagiCharms

At home or at school, students demonstrate their learning using a programmable device that makes coding tangible and fun.

Learning that feels like playing

Download the free imagi app so kids can continue learning and creating with code at home or on the go.


Reimagining access to coding education

By building the most creative, loved, and inclusive way to learn and teach Python programming, we are giving coding superpowers to all kids so that they can use technology to build a more equitable future.

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