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Frequently asked questions

Do I need any coding experience?

No previous programming experience is needed! The imagi application has a low barrier to entry and provides endless opportunities and challenges – meaning that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Is the app free?

The app is completely free! You can find it on both the App Store and Google Play.

Is this a safe community?

We are always working hard to improve the safety and security of our app. We continuously moderate the community and have several filters in place to avoid bad language. Please don’t hesitate to use our in-app reporting tool if you notice anything that disturbs you or worries you, and never ever give out personal information such as name, address, email or phone number. You can also find out more about how we use and protect your data in our Privacy Policy.

I’m an educator: can I use this to teach coding?

Definitely! We’ve partnered with organizations like Black Girls CODE, Girl Scouts councils, Stemettes, and many individual teachers to provide detailed lessons and teaching guides. You can find out more in our Educators section, and find a sample course in our Free course section.