Get started

1. Short press to turn on your imagiCharm.

You will see a wake-up animation, followed by the name of your imagiCharm displayed on the LED matrix. You are ready to start programming your imagiCharm!

2. Download the imagiLabs app from the App Store. 

*For Android devices only an application with limited functionality is available at the moment. Please contact our team if you have any questions:

3. Create an account by following the steps in the app.

4. Connect to your imagiCharm by tapping on the name of your imagiCharm on the Connect screen in the imagiLabs app.

Once you have connected you should see a connected sign displayed on the imagiCharm.

5. Create your first project.

6.  Upload it to your imagiCharm.

If all went well, the LED matrix on the imagiCharm should display your project! Well done, you have just created your very own accessory! 

7. Attach the imagiCharm to your favorite bag or jacket and go show off your new accessory. 

👩‍💻For programming resources, visit our Learning Hub

🙌If you have any questions, check if you can find an answer in our FAQ. 

You can always ask us questions about anything in our community on Discord or by emailing


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