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How it works

Standards-aligned curriculum

Explore how our curriculum aligns with the following research-based computer science standards used in classrooms around the world.

If the standards your school uses are not listed, please reach out as we may already be working on including them.

Straightforward implementation

Customizable teaching content, tutorials, and onboarding offered for educators makes integrating coding education within a school or district easy and affordable.

Commitment to student privacy

Teachers create and manage student accounts without any need for student emails. imagi Edu is a tool that can be fully utilized without any personal information from students.

Increase engagement with imagiCharms

A programmable device that pairs with imagi Edu to display coding projects helps teachers monitor student understanding and engagement in real time.


Integrating coding across middle school curriculum

Learn about how a passionate team of Technology Integration Specialists in Frederick County, Virginia are inspiring coding confidence and a passion for STEM across their entire district.

Schools love imagi

“We absolutely LOVE imagi. The students love it, and they're developing self-efficacy and seeing how to be creative while coding. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

Jodi Zeis

Supervisor of Instructional Tech Coaches

Public School • VA, USA

“We are having a blast. I’m a bit rusty with text-based coding, new to Python, and imagi has helped with my understanding too. It’s simple and straight forward."

Audra Kaplan

Computer Science Teacher

Public School • MA, USA

"I wasn't sure if I would like coding, but I ended up liking it a lot, because it was fun to use code to make art. imagi is a good way to make coding fun for everyone.”

7th Grade Student

Computer Science

Private School • NY, USA

"imagi is a fantastic tool for engaging my students in Python. The interactive platform keeps my students motivated and excited to learn, and the hands-on coding experience that physically lights up their Charms, lights up their faces as well!"

Kimberly Shanks

Digital Literacy Teacher

Public School • NJ, USA

"Despite our teachers’ having no coding experience, our classes using imagi have been met with lots of positive feedback from both teachers and students alike. 'They are coding and loving it' one instructor shared, 'and I am learning too!' "

Brian Smith

Science Teacher

Charter School • NJ, USA

Why coding with imagi?

Python is the world's most in-demand programming language for jobs and the simplest for beginners.

imagi Edu teaches Python and makes learning the basics straightforward for teachers and students.

While block-based coding helps engage younger students in computer science, 50% express difficulty switching to real-world script-based coding. (Northwestern University, 2017)

imagi Edu is a perfect bridge between block-based and text-based coding, helping to build a strong computer science foundation before students get to high school.

At age 12, there is no difference in interest in computer science between genders, but by age 14, only 12% of girls continue to express interest. (Google and Gallup, 2017)

Developed with diverse teachers and students, imagi Edu is an approach to computer science that prioritizes creativity, voice, and choice to engage ALL students.

Teachers often share that they feel like they do not have the skills, training, or support to teach coding to students in grades 3-9.

imagi Edu provides resources to make Python accessible for educators and students of all experience levels and backgrounds.

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