The imagiMission

In order for technology to benefit everyone, we need diversity among its creators. Incredibly, women still make up less than 25% of the tech workforce in Europe. 

We give coding superpowers 🦸‍♀️ to girls and nonbinary kids so the that next generation is equally equipped to use technology to shape the future. How do we do it? imagi has worked with hundreds of young people to make learning Python fun and relevant. We encourage:

🎨 Creative self-expression

✨ Confidence grounded in coding skills

🤝 Community and inclusivity

Our team is building the only mobile-first community targeting 300 million pre-teen girls worldwide with the goal of encouraging them to start coding. The imagi apps introduce Python programming through a visual and gamified learning journey, where colorful designs can be created + shared. We also made a programmable accessory, the imagiCharm, which enhances the learning experience by making code projects more tangible and easy to show off!

Our Founding Story

imagiLabs was founded by Dora and Beatrice in 2018, following a user-centred research project conducted during Dora's MSc studies. This is their second venture, following the weSTEM (Women Empowered in STEM) student club they founded in university, at NYU Abu Dhabi. Paula, who was the first member to join weSTEM, also joined imagiLabs’ founding team in 2019.

Dora has a background in Human-Computer Interaction, bringing a user-centered design approach to the heart of the company in her role as CEO. Beatrice, our CTO, has studied Electrical Engineering and Machine Learning and is the master of precision and perfection. Paula has studied Computer Science and is passionate about not just teaching, but also improving her own coding skills through her work as Lead Developer.

Having experienced the lack of diversity both in our classrooms and workplaces, we are committed to changing the future landscape of this industry.

Our Team

We are a small team representing many parts of the world working closely together to build up imagiLabs.