Our Story

imagiLabs was founded by Dora and Beatrice in 2017. We have been practically inseparable for the past 7 years, even if academic/professional commitments have taken us to many different countries/continents. This is our second venture, following the weSTEM (women empowered in STEM) student club we founded in university, NYU Abu Dhabi. While Dora has a background in Human-Computer Interaction and Entrepreneurship bringing a user centred design approach to the heart of the company and loves high level views and low fidelity prototypes, Beatrice has studied Electrical Engineering and Machine learning and is the master of precision and perfection. Paula, who was the first member joining weSTEM at NYUAD also joined us early in imagiLabs, she has been our lead developer since September 2018. imagiLabs started from a user centred research project as part of Dora's MSc studies in 2016.

Today, we have seven more teammates helping with engineering and marketing, however one gap we see in our team and are recruiting for currently is a core team member to lead our B2C marketing and sales.

Our Team

We are a small team from many parts of the world working closely together with passion and knowledge to build up imagiLabs.


We are very thankful to dedicated champions who supported us from very beginning

Alexa Edström

Marketing & Growth

Quyen Nguyen

Marketing & Growth

Markus Granström

Mechanical Design Engineering

Russell Coke

iOS Development

Michal Vorac


Soohyun Hwangbo

Business Development & Marketing

Cecilia Reidefors

Graphic Design

Barbara Secko

Community Manager

Silvia Istudor


Lin Ye

Business Development & Marketing

Giulia Turchetti

Business & Marketing

Nikolai Kozak

Product Design

Qutaiba Al-Nuaimy

Software Engineering