We’re making diversity in tech a reality

imagi is an award-winning startup based in Sweden, offering a fresh take on EdTech, gaming, and social impact. We empower all kids to reimagine the future with technology. Our inclusive coding education tools for school and home are designed to increase engagement among girls and help close the gender gap in tech.

We encourage:

  • Creative self-expression

  • Confidence grounded in coding skills

  • Community and inclusivity

By building products and educational materials that are fun and motivating, imagi offers kids and teens the opportunity to discover their future potential.

In order for technology to benefit everyone, we need diversity among its creators. Incredibly, women still make up only 20% of the tech workforce in Europe. 

We give coding superpowers 🦸 to girls and nonbinary kids so the that next generation is equitably empowered to use technology to shape the future. How do we do it? imagi has worked with hundreds of underrepresented-in-Tech young people to make learning Python easy and relevant.

Our Founding Story

imagi was established by Dora (CEO) and Beatrice (CTO) in 2018, following a user-centered research project conducted at KTH University in Stockholm. The founders originally met during undergraduate studies at NYU Abu Dhabi, where they started a club for empowering women in STEM.

They later went on to work in various large tech companies where they often found themselves "the only woman in the room." This reality is what Dora and Beatrice are devoted to changing. Since 2020, our products have been on the market, reaching and supporting groups underrepresented in tech. We are beginning to reshape the landscape of the tech industry and engineering education pathways.

Our Team

We are a small team representing many parts of the world, working closely together to build up imagi.

Co-founder & CEO

Dora Palfi

Co-founder and CTO

Beatrice Ionascu

Educator Engagement

Jennifer Warren Hart

Operations Manager

Shruti Moodera

Product Intern

Leeory Liu

Business Administration Intern

Janka Szabo

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