Summer Coding Camp at Stockholm International School

Jul 26, 2018

Summer Coding Camp at Stockholm International School

On July 2nd, 2018 we visited the Stockholm International School and began the first session of our three-day coding school with a group of 8 children hailing from nationalities as diverse as Sweden, Japan, Korea, Germany and Malaysia. We were assisted by the children’s teachers, Mr. Anurag Choudhary and Mr. Saúl Castro Gómez, who facilitated our workshops and helped us to get to know the children better. On the first day, we explained to our young audience the basics of how computers work (and we were amazed by how much they already knew!) and we introduced to them imagiCase, together with our App that is currently still a “work in progress”. The students also enjoyed learning about the RGB color model and how to add new colors to our App to create and add their own colors to illuminate the shapes and other functions on our prototype phone cases. They came up with extravagant and original color names, such as “Aqua Blue Tiffany” and "Blueberry Sour Popcorn". Here are some pictures of our first day together:

On the remaining two days, the focus was on drawing new shapes and making them become a reality using Arduino, as well as creating new colors for the shapes. We spent some time with challenging math concepts to calculate the beats per second of our students’ favorite songs and learned how to program imagiCase to light up to the music’s rhythm.


Both the teachers and the students loved the workshops! In the words of Mr. Castro: “imagiCase offers activities designed for students to acquire knowledge related to coding, computing and technology, which is adapted to their age-group in a fun way. The instructors in imagiCase can interact with students with a great sense of flexibility in order for the students to be spontaneous and obtain the knowledge in the lessons accurately. The activities are easy to understand; yet, also showing the students the importance to pay attention to instructions and the awareness of any given process". 80% of the students who participated rated imagiCase as a 5-star activity. We are so satisfied with the feedback we received and are looking forward to having more similar events in the future!


We are eager to make coding with imagiCase accessible to more children! If you are interested in collaborating with us to co-host such a workshop, feel free to get in touch.

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