The Future of Women in Tech Report 2020

Nov 18, 2020

future women in tech represented by four teenage girls coding on an iPad
future women in tech represented by four teenage girls coding on an iPad

Access the full imagiLabs Future of Women in Tech 2020 Report and learn more about the state of gender and technology in the workforce and imagiLabs' contribution to empowering young girls to be the technology leaders of tomorrow. 

There are many discussions around the global economic crisis and unemployment, all a result of the harsh effect of the 2020 pandemic. What should businesses expect in the next few years, how should we all adapt? Given that the future of the workforce is now an immediate and long-term issue that will affect the economy on a global scale, imagiLabs has created a report to contribute to this important conversation. 

To tackle any complex issue, it is important to break it down into points that can be resolved with a concrete action. Our team looked into the future of the workforce from the perspective of imagiLabs, a startup that is empowering young girls to lead the future of technology. 

An important point we want to bring up is our formula where we stress the impact of gender equality in the world of technology. 

This is what it looks like: 


if: tech = the future

and: women ≠ tech

then: women ≠ future


What does this mean today, in the context of 2020 and beyond?

Before, during and after the happenings of 2020, technology proved to be a powerful engine driving the future of the world. Think of Zoom the day after everyone was encouraged to stay at home. Technology is a fast-paced industry that charges our world with innovation and change. Businesses in this area have the power to disrupt the world overnight. So what will happen if women aren’t represented in this industry? They simply won’t be part of the technology journey—the journey of being at the forefront of innovation, change and disruption worldwide. 


This blog post was written by Victoria Blinova.

The Future of Women in Tech Report was written by Alyssa Yu and edited by Victoria Blinova. 

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