Free tools for educators (with no technical background) to teach Python coding

Feb 10, 2021

Teaching coding to kids
Teaching coding to students


No previous programming experience? No problem! Hi reader, Nadia here. As someone still new to coding and to the tech world, I am daunted by the array of tools available online. I therefore wanted to offer educators--who may just be getting started themselves--several simple, free resources about teaching computer programming in the classroom or home. 

If you are wondering how to teach coding to students, or just want to learn about top Python resources, begin here:

Why Python? What’s the hype about? → A quick read by Cory Althoff.

You’ve heard of Java, Javascript, C#, C/C++, Python, Swift and maybe more… but what are they all used for? Which is best for beginners? Learn about popular programming languages, and find out which are best for certain students and real-life applications. 

Computer science fundamentals → is a treasure trove.

Have a group of kids who are just yearning for fun, tech-related online activities? Want the ultimate resource hub? Not only is this site known for awesome coding games and Hour of Code activities, but also offers professional development workshops for educators and online labs for students! 

2 hour Python course for absolute beginners → Udemy offers some free lessons.

If you are a fan of crash courses, check out this virtual e-learning lesson from two popular instructors (they have over 4.2 stars after tens of thousands of reviews!). Get from installing Python on your computer to programming your first calculator. 

First steps into Python coding → Real Python has it all! 

Maybe you don’t have time to sit through a full video tutorial and would rather get set-up quickly. Check out Real Python’s beginner-friendly explanations, installation guides, quizzes, specific learning paths (such as data visualization or machine learning with Python), and more! 

Creative coding with Python → imagiLabs’ resources are super accessible. 

Are you a fan of design, art, or math? After downloading imagiLabs’ free iOS or Android app, or opening up our web app for desktop, get started in your creation with templates--they make tinkering super easy! We also have dozens of code project ideas and challenges on imagiLabs’ learning hub. If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out our new “quests” to learn about matrix coding step-by-step!

Teen YouTuber teaches Python → Adrienne Tacke explains the basics.

Perhaps you want to learn how to code alongside your students! As we already know, kids learn everything on YouTube these days. This series of clear, catchy tutorial videos are a great way for anyone to learn Python--especially for middle schoolers. 

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