Get to know Elín - Interview with an imagi coder

Aug 12, 2022

Get to know Elín - Interview with an imagi coder

Look out for that Python! 

Whether you picture the scary snake or the complex coding program in your head, Python can seem like a daunting word. How do I learn how to code? There are so many elements, will I ever be able to figure it out? Do I have to wait until I am an adult to learn coding? 

Fear not, as every day more and more kid coders are learning how to write their very own code through the making of pixel art in the imagi app. One of these coding superstars is Elín, who uses they/he/xe pronouns. 

Being one of the most active imagi users, they have created a whole world of pixel art that can be found on the explore page, ranging from pride flags to sea creatures to flowers. Read on to learn more about Elín and how he discovered their love for coding!

⚡ Sophie: Tell me a bit about yourself!

Elín: Hi, my name is Elín and I am 11 years old

⚡ Sophie: How did you find out about imagi?

Elín: About three years ago I was quite bored and had nothing to do, so I decided I wanted to learn how to code. I went online with my mom and looked for coding apps for kids and found imagi. I really liked the design of the app. It was really inviting so I decided to download it.

⚡ Sophie: Did you know anything about coding before using imagi?

Elín: I knew nothing about coding before downloading the app. Imagi helped me learn the basics of Python and understand it better. In fact I was able to take a coding class over the summer at the University near me thanks to the skills I learned through imagi.

⚡ Sophie: What is your favorite part of the imagi app?

Elín: My favorite part of the imagi app is creating my own designs and being able to post them

⚡ Sophie: I've noticed that you have won a bunch of coding challenges! Which one was your favorite?

Elín: I loved them all but I think my favorite is either the flower coding challenge or the ocean challenge

⚡ Sophie: What advice would you give other people who want to learn coding?

Elín: That is a hard one, but I would say to just start from the beginning. I knew nothing about coding before using imagi. Sometimes you will get stuck but that is okay because it helps you learn and move on. You just need to take baby steps and go one step at a time and you will be okay. If you ever get stuck you can ask other users or ask me.

You can find Elín on the imagi app @elinagusta to see all of xyr amazing projects!

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