Sweden summer coding program partnership highlight

Jul 14, 2022

Sweden summer coding program partnership highlight

Hello World! x imagi

This is one of the first phrases used in coding development to ensure that the software is running smoothly, no matter which programming language is being used. In 2015, Ulrika Dellby and Dag Wolters decided to use this increasingly popular phrase and turn it into the name of a summer camp in Sweden that gives all children regardless of gender the chance to explore the world of digital creation. The imagi team interviewed their current head of Communication, Elin Barkström Karumo, as well as one of the many students participating in this camp to learn more about STEM education and how it affects the lives of young children in the digital age.

Sophie: Why are you an advocate for STEM education?

Elin: I am an advocate for STEM education because the exciting and meaningful applications of STEM skills are infinite. Since STEM has a great impact on society, everyone should be represented in the STEM workforce. Also, STEM is fun!

Sophie: Do students who come across imagiCharms enjoy using them?

Elin: The students really enjoy using imagi since it is a fun mix of logical thinking and creativity! Some kids like design and really enjoy creating art with code. Other kids are thrilled to use logic to bring the pixels to life in a clever arrangement.

Sophie: Do you enjoy using imagi Edu as an educational tool? Why or why not?

Elin: I really enjoy imagi Edu as an educational tool. Seeing code come to life in the form of pixel art is a clever and enjoyable way of learning how to code in Python. Also, the powerpoints are a great resource with fun examples.

Sophie: What advice would you give to others interested in teaching kids coding?

Elin: Find the little things that engage each kid!

Next, I spoke to Jasmine Svensson, one of the many students at the Hello World Summer Camp. Although shy at first, her love for technology and coding shone through with her bright smile and quick responses.

Sophie: What is your name and how old are you? 

Jasmine: My name is Jasmine Svensson and I am 10 years old.

Sophie: Why is science important to you?

Jasmine: I like programming and thinking about math.

Sophie: What is your favorite part of the Hello World Summer Camp?

Jasmine: I like being here and story time, where we follow one story for the whole week.

Sophie: What is your favorite pixel art that you have coded on the imagi app?

Jasmine: One time I made a heart that changes colors in the rainbow and flashes. 

The Hello World! Sverige team are important local partners for imagi, as they help achieve our vision and mission through accessible and fun coding programs. 

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