Must-have School Supplies for 2021!

Aug 04, 2021

Must-have School Supplies for 2021!

Back to school season is fast approaching for many students! We wanted to share some of the best tools and accessories for kids + teens, easily bought online in the US, EU, and/or UK.

Denim pouch with sheep

Big enough fit your chargers, pens, pencils, calculators, etc! $20 (US).

Sleek dotted pages notebook

Write, draw, or do math extra-creatively in this 250 page notebook. $25 (US).

Blue-light blocking glasses for kids

Prevent weariness and eye damage when staring at screens with these elegant frames. $21 (US).

Disposable face masks for kids

Protect yourselves + others with these fun coverings - pack of 50. $25 (US).

Mini backpack

Your classic Jansport, but waaaay cuter! $25 (US).

World-famous pens

Muji's writing utensils are popular because they last long! £7 (UK). 

Green hugger pencil case

Adorable water-resistant silicone pouch with durable zip. £15 (UK). 

imagiCharm smart accessory

Show off creative designs on this customizable keychain or backpack charm! €68 (EU).

Insulated water bottle

Covered with bamboo, and great for hot coffee or a cold smoothie. $30 (US).

Sticky notes for binders

This variety of self-adhesive notes can fit right into a standard binder. 30 Kr (SE).

Noise-cancelling wireless earbuds

Comes in various colors, called "best value" product! $30 (US).

Trendy laptop case

Printed cases for 13-inch laptops and more. $20 (US).

Mini highlighter pack

Such nice pastels are perfect for highlighting text or for doodling! $13 (US).

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