Reflecting on a Year of Innovation and Human Ingenuity: imagi's 2023 Journey

Dec 29, 2023

Reflecting on a Year of Innovation and Human Ingenuity: imagi's 2023 Journey

As 2023 draws to a close, we at imagi can't help but look back with pride and amazement. This year has been a thrilling ride through transformative changes and milestones. It's been a year where technology, especially AI, took center stage, but it's also been a year where the human spirit has shone brighter than ever.

AI and the Future of Education: A Critical Intersection

This year, we've seen AI evolve from a novel concept to a daily reality. The question we've grappled with at imagi is: In a world where AI can write code, is teaching programming and computer science still relevant? The answer, we've found, is a resounding yes. At the ASU+GSV Summit, our founders, Beatrice and Dora, joined education technology's brightest minds. They came back with a powerful insight: Understanding AI and the technology behind it will be a crucial skill set for shaping our future. Hence, coding, computational thinking, and logic remain essential competencies to leverage emerging technologies. Like calculators did for math, AI is not replacing the need for coding education but enriching it, pushing us to achieve more.

Celebrating the Heart of Education: Our Teachers and Educators

In an age where machines often steal the spotlight, it's crucial to remember the incredible humans at education's forefront. This year, we've seen firsthand the dedication and innovation of teachers worldwide. Our imagi educator ambassadors, a diverse group from various corners of the globe, have been instrumental in this journey. They are more than just partners; they are our inspiration, ensuring every child discovers the joy of coding.

2023 at a Glance: Milestones and Memories

  • Over 130,000 imagi Coders from 146 countries explored coding through the imagi fun coding game in 2023.
  • Recognition from Apple, including a Women's Day interview and a shoutout at the World Wide Developer Conference.
  • Graduating from the Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab, and accolades from the Financial Times and
  • The expansion of imagi Edu, this year joined by over 1,200 educators across 70 countries.
  • Launching our first cohort of imagi ambassadors, who are the backbone of our community and vision.

Looking Ahead: Join Us on Our Continued Journey

As we step into the future, we're filled with gratitude for your support and enthusiasm. Your belief in our mission fuels our passion and innovation. We hope you continue being a part of our story. 

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