Celebrating imagi’s First Classroom Coding Challenge

Dec 17, 2023

Celebrating imagi’s First Classroom Coding Challenge

As we reflect on the accomplishments of all our amazing coders throughout 2023, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the remarkable innovation and creativity showcased by several of the classrooms that participated in imagi’s inaugural classroom coding challenge – the 'Coding Is Art Challenge' – this year. Dora Palfi, the founder and CEO of imagi, was lucky enough to get to visit one of the participating classrooms at The Hackley School and personally meet some of these creative coders!

We believe that teaching students to code is not only about building their digital skills; it's also about unleashing students’  creative potential to shape the future. We were so thrilled to have classrooms  around the world collaborate and code their way to creating meaningful art with Python with the guidance and support of their incredible teachers. Whether students were passionate about spreading kindness, saving endangered animals, or just creating beautiful art, we were so proud of their final pieces, which reflect their desire to bring about positive change through coding. Here are a few of our favorites! We're grateful to our partners, educators, students, and their families who gave us consent to share these photos and final projects. We hope these projects will inspire you just as much as they inspired us.

The Hackley School

"Students were introduced to matrices, then animations, then functions. They examined their code during the coding challenge week to see how they can improve upon their use of functions and also looked for opportunities in their code where functions could have been used. This challenge allowed for so much creative thinking, and the multi matrix projects really pushed them to plan, collaborate and debug. This was such a great opportunity to push my kids thinking, designing and coding." - Kelly Powers, Computer Science Teacher

5 pixel art projects are arranged against a yellow background including a star, a pokemon, a concentric rainbow, a football jersey with the number 18, and in the middle the upper half of someone's face showing just the eyes and forhead.

The York House School

"We joined the Coding Is Art Challenge to nurture our students' creativity and problem-solving skills, viewing coding as an avenue for artistic expression. This competition aligns with our commitment to fostering innovation and digital literacy. Our goal was to inspire our students to explore the artistic facets of coding while honing their technical abilities, and this challenge presented the perfect platform to do so." - Aimee Keogh, Mathematics, STEM and Year 6 Form Tutor

5 images are displayed against a yellow background. The two top photos include students coding pixel art with Python using the imagi platform and the bottom two images include final pixel art designs of a world in a heart shape and a heart shaped tree. In the center, there is graph paper shown with a student's handrawn image.


"Just as reading unlocks the world, so does coding in today's digital age. Our students didn’t just learn coding in Python; they harnessed it with purpose, championing animal advocacy through their Pixel Art projects." - Pam Ros Damarillo, Founder and Program Director

Image displays multiple colorful pixel art projects coded in Python displaying different animal faces.

Interested in running your own classroom coding challenge? Check out our coding challenge page for more resources, follow imagi on Twitter, or join our Facebook Community for inspiration and support from other teachers!

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