We prepare girls for the future of tech

imagiLabs is building an app, a community and gadgets for teenage girls to learn to code. We know that technology is the future and we want girls and boys to be equally involved with technology & hence shaping the future.

imagiLabs makes programming fun, creative and relevant for teenage girls.

Outcome & Motivation first

The study “Diversity Matters” by McKinsey found that diverse companies perform better. This is true over a few different objective criteria. When contrasting financial performance, the most gender-diverse companies perform 15% better on average.

Constructing knowledge along the way

Just in Sweden there is a lack of 30,000 developers today and this number is expected to grow to 70,000 by 2020. By tapping into the currently left out talent this gap can be filled.

Tangible experience & Instant feedback

The imagiCharm makes programming more fun!

While the imagiCharm has been designed for girls between 12 and 16 years old, it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to explore their creativity through programming and join our revolution of girls shaping the future with technology.

Invite imagiLabs to your organisation

We have collaborated with events such as the Tekla Festival and Giants and have ran workshops at schools such as the International School in Stockholm

Invite the imagiLabs team to run a coding workshop!

Email: workshops@imagilabs.com