Summer Coding Camp Guide 2022 - North America

Apr 11, 2022

Summer Coding Camp Guide 2022 - North America
Some of the best summer camps in the US will focus on developing tech skills for youth. When looking through summer coding camps for kids, you can pick between gamified programs like Minecraft coding summer camps or traditional text-based ones, like Python courses for beginners. To boost hard skills: check out the following coding boot camps for teens, featuring video game development for kids and robotics summer camp options too!

iD Tech Summer Camp

The customized coding curriculum, developed by partnering with top universities, innovators, and tech partners, equips children with real-world STEM skills, while the camp atmosphere allows them to make new friends and gain a serious edge for college and dream careers. Courses are offered about coding, game development, robotics, creativity, and mathematics.
Ages of learners covered: 7 - 19
  • In person: on university campuses and in high schools across several states in the US
  • Online: they offer virtual tech camps, teen bootcamps, 1-on-1 private lessons, small group classes

Digital Media Academy

A variety of online coding camps for kids are available around the topics of computer science, artificial intelligence, music production, creative design, game development, digital storytelling and entrepreneurship. The courses are led by industry experts and allow you to master skills with professional hardware and software. Some of the highlights include creative coding such as Data Science with Python, Digital Drawing & Design with Adobe Photoshop, and Game Development with Roblox. 

Ages of learners covered: 9 - 18


  • Virtual after school (10-week)
  • Virtual camp (1 week) 
  • Virtual self paced

 Code Advantage

As participants of the interactive summer coding camps, children can express themselves creatively by creating games, animations, or webpages. At the same time, they can gain critical thinking skills and confidence, which are very much needed in our increasingly technology-driven world. Coding activities include Scratch, Minecraft, Pygame, AI gaming, machine learning & more.

Ages of learners covered: K - 8th grades


  • In-person summer camps
  • Online summer camps (1 and 2-week-long) 
  • Online coding classes

Lavner Camps

During the coding camp, participants focus on one area of interest and develop real-world skills from hands-on learning experiences. The summer program offers 60+ specialty camps including Coding, Robotics, 3D Printing, App Development, Bitcoin & Blockchain, Tech Startup, YouTube Film Production, Graphic Design, and much more.

Ages of learners covered: 6 - 16


  • In-person: In a number of states around the US including New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, Texas & more.
  • Virtual:
    • Virtual Tech Camps
    • Virtual Camps
    • Online Summer STEM Camps

Launch Math (NYC)

Four customized summer camp themes are offered for each grade group. Children can learn intensively every day for a week about coding, gaming, engineering, biorobotics, physics, or architecture. The curriculum is developed in a fun way so that kids create, play and learn at the same time.

Ages of learners covered: from toddlers to 8th graders


  • 3 sites in New York

 Code Galaxy

The virtual programs aim to teach students computer skills necessary for a successful future. Summer camp themes include Python, Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, and 3D Design and Modeling. One great benefit is that students can get live instructions and interact with their instructors throughout the coding camp.

Ages of learners covered: 7 - 14


  • online 

 Planet Bravo (California) 

The camp is called techno-tainment referring to technology and entertainment. Besides developing new multimedia skills, children participate in fun group activities and games. The project-based curriculum ensures that students have an engaging and confidence boosting experience while learning to code, making movies, building robots or doing other cool things with technology.

Ages of learners covered: K - 8th graders


  • In-person: At several locations around the state of California
  • Virtual from home

 Code It Hacks

Summer camps introduce youngsters to the emerging technologies and spark an interest in the varied digital world. Activities include programming drones, making VR games, building and coding 3D worlds, researching and building startups, learning about AI, and more. The program is made more exciting thanks to guest speakers and an expo where campers can showcase and present their awesome creations.

Ages of learners covered: 3 age groups: 4 - 7, 8 - 12, Teens ages 11+


  • In-person

 Kode with Klossy

    This free two-week summer program is offered to young women and non-binary individuals to provide best-in-class STEAM experiences at the intersection of technology and creativity. It may be the most famous girls coding camp in the world nowadays! Students can choose from three curricula: website development, mobile app development, and data science. Kode with Klossy also aims to create a strong community of scholars who collaborate with each other to explore the limitless possibilities of code and computer science.

    Ages of learners covered: 13 - 18


    • In-person: In a variety of cities of the US including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and more
    • Online

    Application deadline: April 17, 2022


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